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Deluxe Electronic Sports Starting System



This device can be used as a portable public address system and a stand alone starting unit with a choice of options and combinations including swim tones, simulated pistol shot and 20m beep test routine for fitness assessment. The Starting System provides exceptional sound level and quality in the pool environment or on the athletics field, and can be easily connected to various types of electronic timing systems to automate time keeping of races.

Provides an alternative to a starting pistol or whistle for athletic and swimming events and provides a useful PA facility for general indoor or outdoor use. The system provides the benefits of:
- Talk through public address facility with optional extensional speaker;
- Time keepers / competitors strobe light;
- Normally open or closed contacts to interface with a timing system if used;
- Safe and reliable to use in all weather conditions or in pool areas;
- Portable (housing is 290mm high & entire system approx 4kg) and is simple to setup and operate; and
- Rechargeable providing 8 -10 hours continuous operation

The basic system includes:
- 3 different starting tones and false start / call back tone
- The electronic PA / Tone starting system housing and horn
- Built in sealed lead acid batteries which provide in excess of 8 hours continuous operation
- Microphone handpiece, extension cable and inline coupler
- Strobe light assembly including LED module, cover, straight coupling, right angle coupling and length of 20mm PVC conduit
- 12 Volt smart charger
- System warranty