RHSports & Worawa Aboriginal College Partnership Announcement

Introducing the NYDA Indigenous Range

In 2021, RHSports entered a partnership with the Worawa Aboriginal College, a boarding school for young Indigenous girls from remote and urban Aboriginal communities across Australia.

One of the main aims of the partnership was to encourage the education and artistic engagement of Indigenous children, which is an interest that both Worawa and RHSports share.

As part of this common goal, a competition was held where student designs were selected for use on a netball, soccer ball, football, and basketball. Our inhouse designers worked together with the students to adapt the designs to fit the different elements of each piece of equipment, before sending off to be turned into the final product we see today.

The eye-catching designs have been embraced by schools, clubs and individuals around the country and continue to be amongst our best-selling items.

A portion from the sale of each ball is donated back to Worawa College to assist in the running of their programs.

To learn more about Worawa College, visit their website here.

RHS Worawa partnership
NYDA advantages
NYDA advantages
NYDA advantages


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