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Sublimated Designs

RHSports offers an extensive range of competition wear, sportswear, school uniforms, corporate wear and more! Using state of the art fabric technology and the ability to fully customise your design we have your apparel needs covered!

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Benefits of Sublimation


The sublimation process impregates the ink directly into the fibers of your chosen fabric. This means no more cracking, peeling, de-threading embroidery or fading of your uniforms.


Sublimation increases the sharpness of colours, logos and design borders, as well as ensuring an extremely lightweight garment due to the absence of embroidery, sewn lettering or sewn panels.

Unlimited possibilities

Your team can have any uniform design, logo or lettering font.


Sublimated Options

- Available for AFL, Athletics, Basketball, Hockey, League, Netball, Soccer, Touch and Volleyball uniforms

- Designs can include logos, school names and numbers

- Singlets, shirts, polos, shorts, dresses, AFL jumpers, League jerseys are available

- You can have the same design and colours across all sports or same colours with different designs