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Due to COVID-19 we are undertaking some extra measures to ensure that the health and safety of RHSports staff is maintained.
The uniform shop is open for one family group at a time. Online orders are also available with delivery to school, your personal address or, take advantage of our Contactless Pick Up from the Ringwood Store. Once you have placed your order we will notify you when it is ready to be picked up if you choose this option.
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NYDA Indoor Athletics Kit



Soft and safe athletics equipment that can be used indoor or outdoor. Designed for mass participation in a circuit style arrangement. Ideal for introducing athletics to first time participants.


Kit Contents:

Code Item Qty
144XT NYDA Training Flexibar 1
14DI NYDA Indoor Safety Discus - 250g 4
14JF NYDA Foam Javelin 4
14RS NYDA Aluminium Relay Baton (set of 4) - Senior 1
14SI2 NYDA Soft Indoor Shot Put - 2kg 2
14SWS NYDA Sports Stopwatch 1
30H NYDA Skillstep Hurdle - 30cm 6
36FD NYDA Flexidome 9cm (each) 20
36MSP NYDA Flat Spot Markers (12) 1
36T30 NYDA Fibreglass Measuring Tape - 30m 1
62BB NYDA Plain Bean Bag (each) 2
64CBTL NYDA Sport Team Bag - 90cm 1